Spurstas - Refund/exchange policy and quality of merchandise! Not issued approval for return!!!

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Husband had purchased three classic strapped dresses that he later gave to me as a gift.Tried one on and it was quite small, and for the money, it was quite plain and unattractive!!!

You might say it looked like a plain polyester slip. I Recently contacted customer service about possible return policy. Found out that there was a 15 day return policy!!!!! Beings two of the dresses were still factory sealed, I asked if there was any way I could return them for an in store credit.

The customer service rep said no. I can understand not accepting the one item that I had tried on, but I don't understand not accepting the other two! My husband wasn't aware that there was a 15 day policy. There should have been some type of notice sent with merchandise.

I would not recommend doing business with this company!!!!

A very unsatisfied customer!Dec 5th 2013.

Review about: Classic Strapped Dress.

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